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Do you go on location?

Absolutely, it’s all we do! We come to you to at your location to provide the most convenience and least stress possible on your wedding day.

How far in advance should I book?

While we do have a great team that can handle multiple weddings on the same day, we still very often get booked 6-12 months in advance. We recommend booking as early as possible to ensure we have your date available.

Do I need a beauty preview trial?

A beauty trial is a test-run with your makeup and/or hair so you can get a good idea of what to expect on your wedding day. A beauty preview is not required. Many of our brides are from out of the state or country so it’s just not possible. But that doesn’t stop us from providing outstanding results every time.

But a beauty preview is a chance to try a few things out and get to know your vendor better before your important day. We do these at your home or sometimes at our home or studio depending on what is most convenient. Typically trials are done at a very low rate in the hopes that you will love our work and book with us that day.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check or credit cards.

How Should I Tip?

It is customary to tip 20% or more if you appreciate the service. You can either tip the manager of the beauty team or each beauty expert individually.

Wedding Makeup

Why should I hire a makeup artist for my wedding?

There are three simple,, critical reasons:

1> Training, experience, and extensive high-end products guarantee you get the best-possible results in-person and in all your photos taken with today’s high-definition cameras.
2> Convenience and less stress! You’d be amazed how much of a difference having a relaxed and experienced pro team handling your beauty needs on a day where every minute counts.
3> They are inexpensive. For less than $250 you can get a beauty trial and high-end artist on your wedding day (including false lashes, airbrush, and local travel).

We’ve always found it odd that some brides are willing to pay thousands for the perfect photographer, but yet haven’t considered hiring a makeup artist to ensure those pictures come out as good as possible. The one thing you will have forever are your pictures and you want to look your absolute best. So our question to you is, “Why wouldn’t you hire a professional makeup artist?”

The next most important question you might ask is, how do I find the right makeup artist? You can read more on that with our article: Wedding Secrets: Don’t Forget a Makeup Artist!.

Or you can also read our Wedding Tips: You Might Be Hiring the Wrong Makeup Artist If….

What if I have a large bridal party with time constraints?

M3 Beauty has well trained makeup artists and is able to send out two or more makeup artists to your wedding location. This will ensure everyone gets done by professionals in a timely manner.

What should I do to prepare for my wedding day?

Be sure to drink lots of water and get plenty of rest the week before the wedding. Please arrive with clean, makeup-free, moisturized skin. It is very strongly recommended that you do not get a facial within a week of your wedding or trial.

Do you offer airbrush makeup?

Yes. This a red-carpet service upgrade that many of our brides simply fall in love with. Most of our makeup artists offer high-end airbrush makeup. Many other competitors only provide foundation. We also do contouring and blush airbrush.

Can M3 apply false lashes?

Yes! We always have an assortment of false lashes on hand. The styles of the lashes go from extremely natural to Va Va Voom! They are a little extra and the service includes MAC lashes and professional application.

Will my makeup last throughout the day/evening?

Absolutely. We use special products to help the makeup last throughout the duration of your event. We will also be able to give you tips and techniques for ensuring its longevity and what to do for touchups. For brides that want the red carpet treatment we also offer all-day packages where your makeup artist is always ready for touchups and even a new look for the reception!

How long does it take to do the makeup applications?

For bridesmaids, mother of bride, mother of groom, and anyone else interested in having their makeup applied, we like to allow 30 minutes per application or 40 minutes when adding false lashes.
For the bride we prefer 1 hour. This gives us plenty of time for an exceptional attention to detail so your closeups come out great.

What types of looks can you do for a bride?

This is completely up to the bride. We encourage the bride to do research to get an idea of what she is looking for and even bring in pictures of reference. This will help your makeup artist understand more of what look you’re wishing to achieve. This is also when a trial comes in handy. For looks, we have done everything from natural to very glamorous or even themed. The key is we listen closely to what the bride wants and elaborate on that. We typically find that most brides want to still look like themselves, just a more perfected version.

What products do you use?

After years of experience, we have put together kits with many brands of products from many different high-end makeup lines. These are the products that we find work the best for the most demanding weddings. A typical pro makeup artists kit has about $3,000+ worth of product in it at at any given time. You can see some of our brands on this page About M3

Hair Styling Tools

Wedding Hair

What do I need for the hair trial?

Be sure to bring any items that will be in your hair such as a headband, veil, or other hair adornments. Also bring a photo of the dress and any pictures you think might be useful in explaining what look you want.

What should I expect from a great hair stylist?

Aside from creativity, skill, and professionalism, a great stylist is going to be considering a lot more than just your hair! They are going to be focusing on your face shape, hair type, humidity conditions, hair props, dress cut, and more! No matter what style you might have your heart set on, you should always carefully consider your stylists suggestions.

What do my bridal party and I need to do to prepare hair for the wedding day?

Wash your hair the day before or the morning of the wedding. Wear button down blouse, tube top or a deep v-neck shirt and bring your hair accessories such as veil or tiara!. For updos, be sure your hair is dry and clean. Everyone should arrive with dry hair because blow drying takes time and is considered an added service. If you are getting the extra service blow dry, then you will need to wash your hair and leave it damp and ready for styling.

How long does it take to style hair?

For bridesmaids, mother of bride, mother of groom, and anyone else interested in having their hair styled, we like to allow 30-40 minutes.
For the bride we prefer 1 hour. This gives us plenty of time for an exceptional attention to detail so your closeups come out great.

What do I need to know about hair extensions for my wedding day?

Hair extension need to be ordered two months or more in advance. Due to the fact that we need to order the extensions and make sure they are the same color and texture of your hair. Depending on the hairstyle that is chosen, the extensions will either be put in few days before the wedding or the same day.

What are common problems when working with an unprofessional, unskilled, or inexperienced hair stylist?

Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong stylist. Some things to look out for with an inexperienced stylist include not recommending a style suitable for the brides hair texture, face shape, style of dress, etc., bobby pins will be improperly placed (they will show and not be camouflaged), low-end tools and products might also be present. A good stylist will either take pictures or detailed notes during your trial and they will listen very closely to your requests.