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Wedding Inspiration Shoot at Cypress Grove

Cypress Grove Wedding Makeup Artist We were recently honored with an invitation to participate in a Wedding Inspiration Shoot at the majestic and popular Cypress Grove Estate House venue in the heart of Orlando. We provided hair and makeup services while a host of other talented wedding vendors provided other support services to show off their skills.

From the brandyandbeau Wedding Photography Blog:
today we are featuring a lovely wedding held out at cypress grove estate house. ok ok, it wasn’t an actual wedding, but pretty darn close to it. we had been dreaming of a full wedding inspiration shoot for awhile. many thanks to a bunch of lovely wedding vendors we were able to put together this gorgeous shoot in about a week. we were inspired by mint greens and blush pinks. southern, with a french twist. it was hard work, but we did it!! we LOVE LOVE LOVE cypress grove estate house and wanted to show off how beautiful a venue it is, along with showcasing the many gracious vendors we LOVE to work with! so here is part one of the “wedding”.

Read and See More Photos Here: www.BrandyandBeau.com/

2013 & The Waldorf Astoria in Orlando

waldorf-orlandoHappy New Year! We’re so excited to be in 2013 and so very grateful for being able to share so many wonderful events in 2012 with our lovely bridal parties and great corporate customers.

Our resolution for the new year is to make the lives of everyone we touch better in some way. While only 8% of New Years resolutions are actually fulfilled, we promise to work hard every day to make sure we’re in that 8% for you.

Last year was an incredible year for us as we continued our relationship with the Orlando Internet Marketing Agency Highforge Solutions, added amazing new talent to our beauty team and provided exceptional on-location hair and makeup service throughout Central Florida and worldwide on hundreds of projects.

waldorf orlando logoThe word continues to spread that when it comes to special events and looking your best, quality is far more important than price. And we’ve been blessed with clients that aren’t afraid to tell others about us and we think that’s the best compliment we can receive.

And now we’re very proud to announce that we’ve been invited to be a Preferred Vendor for the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando. It’s such a wonderful upscale venue for weddings and we’re excited to be working with them to provide the highest level of on-location service for their guests.

You can find out more about the venue here: http://www.waldorfastoriaorlando.com/weddings/

Wedding Secrets: Don’t Forget a Makeup Artist!

One of the most difficult things to do as a bride (or even a wedding planner) is to find the best possible vendor for each facet of your wedding. You have to think about budget, vendor availability, talent, professionalism, reputation, and even how well you get along with each vendor. It’s a lot of homework! And in all facets of the wedding you have to make hundreds of individual choices on what you can and can’t live with on your wedding day. If you have a budget, as most of us do, then a big part of the job is making sacrifices. Do you reduce the amount of flowers so you can get a bigger cake? Go with the embroidered white table and seat covers or upgrade to the gold trim?? Decisions decisions, you get the picture.

And speaking of pictures, there is one facet of your wedding that should never be sacrificed. Hire the most talented photographer you can afford and don’t let that money go to waste! Every photographer will tell you the same thing—get the best makeup artists and stylists you can find. The cost of even the best makeup artists is a small portion of any wedding budget and the result is worth its weight in diamonds. If you want to look your best, in person AND in pictures, hire only experienced professional makeup artists that meet these requirements:

  • Extensive formal beauty training (at least 100 hours of schooling or more)
  • Years of experience in fashion, print, and wedding makeup for high definition cameras.
  • Exceptional portfolio pictures with close-ups of brides faces so you can see the makeup under the most important conditions (and make sure they are pictures of the artist’s actual work and not stock photos).
  • Responsiveness! Even the busiest makeup artists should respond to you within 1 day on every phone call and email.
  • Communication is key! A good makeup artist will communicate very effectively with you and relieve stress, not create it. You should get a good feeling via email, over the phone, and in-person at the trial if you have one.

You get what you pay for. Hiring a cheap makeup artist is worse than not hiring one at all. Depending on the location and size of your bridal party, talented and professional makeup artists rates and prices will range from $150 for a bride-only to $1000 and up for a large party (hint: get your party to pay for their own makeup/hair if you’re on a tight budget). Don’t cut corners with your face!

A common issue we run into on our weddings are bridal party members that are skeptical of our skill because they’ve been burned in the past or simply don’t think anyone can do their makeup better then they can. After we finish with the bride we often get bombarded with last-minute requests for hair and makeup. If time permits, we’re always happy to accommodate! If you want to experience the difference, give us a call and set up a very inexpensive trial beauty session. Call 321-250-4700 today.

Don’t Combine Wedding Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists

wedding makeup artist and hair stylist

In the corporate and commercial world, for simple camera work you can get away with hiring one person for hair and makeup. But for today’s weddings, with their picture-perfect high-definition demands, you should never settle when it comes to the bride’s personal beauty.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — hiring one person for hair and makeup is a mistake. If a hair stylist recommends themselves for your makeup, then you should run for the hills. Here’s a BIG SECRET! 99% of talented hair stylists are very good at one thing – hair. Don’t let them convince you they can do makeup too! And, for that matter, don’t let your makeup artist do your hair unless she has exceptional experience and talent in styling. It’s rare to find someone who’s good at both…and when you do, it’s often far more difficult to schedule your wedding preparations if you have a few bridesmaids…one person doing hair and makeup is a timing nightmare or poor rush job waiting to happen. Bridal hair should take 30-90 minutes depending on complexity and Makeup should take 60 minutes on the bride and 20-30 minutes per bridesmaid. Take a step back and make sure you hire an artist and a stylist separately. You should also feel confident your stylist and artist can take their time and perfect every little detail with your look.

Also be wary of salons claiming they can do makeup too. With very few exceptions, most salons are using hair stylists, estheticians, or cosmetologists (these are not professional makeup artists) for this service. Typically you can spot a real makeup artist by the size of her massive traveling kit. Some salons are serious about their makeup and often bring in teams of true artists like M3 to assist with their wedding services. Make sure you know the education and background of your artist and ask them for an extensive portfolio of their makeup work (they should have a book or a website).

We are serious about our craft. We also believe that it takes more than raw talent and a big makeup or hair kit to succeed. Training and experience are a big focus at M3. All of our makeup artists either have extensive professional training in a school dedicated to makeup or have completed an extensive apprenticeship program under Michele’s careful guidance (and sometimes both!). All of our hair stylists have completed formal cosmetology training and have years of high-end salon experience under big names. We aren’t messing around, we know our stuff. Expect perfection.